Mitt Romney will be the first Republican presidential candidate of the modern era who opposes legalization of undocumented immigrants. That doesn’t get you Hispanic votes. Furthermore, your idea of making life impossible for undocumented people in order for them to self-deport is too cruel. The United States should not be like Arizona.

Latinos don’t forget that it was you, the Republicans, who approved Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB 1070. Other similar laws in Alabama and Georgia, among other states, were also approved by you. Resembling Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been accused of racism and discrimination by the federal government, isn’t good for you. It makes you look like enemies to Hispanics.


Univision anchor Jorge Ramos in a letter to Republicans titled  “Since Ronald Reagan, any Republican candidate that gets less than a third of the Latino vote will lose the election.” 

Ramos ends the letter by telling Republicans “Yes, you are going to lose the Latino vote in 2012. And you have done everything to deserve that result. But your dilemma will be what to do in order not to lose Hispanic support for generations to come.”.

[original Spanish letter can be found here]