From the Think Progress piece “Arizona Governor Compares Undocumented Immigrants To Drunks And Children”:

BILL HEMMER (HOST): In June the White House announced a new plan if you were here in the U.S. before the age of 16, and you are younger than the age of 31, and you’ve been here at least five years, you can stay. That is the broad outline of his proposal passed over the summer. What you’re arguing is that the law of the land in Arizona if you’re illegal undocumented you don’t get the same rights as those who are legal, correct?

BREWER: The state is the one who licenses the people to be able to drive, it’s not the federal government. And we don’t license kids under 16. We don’t license DUI drivers. And our laws are very clear and I took an oath to uphold that.

Because being undocumented is the exact same thing as being a child and a drunk driver. And I am absolutely not surprised you’re being sued either, Brewer.

p.s. I had to fix Hemmer’s I-word bomb. Because Fox “News” insists on still using “illegal” to describe people’s humanity. Of course.