"As for our skin color, we usually say that we are “café con leche,” coffee with milk, or “apifonadito,” which is the color of a pine nut. The amount of coffee and milk is the degree of segregation. Milk with only a little coffee is best for the Chicano’s health. Half and half is “moreno,” which is brown, and more coffee than milk is “prieto.” Strong, strong black coffee in a steaming cup is a disaster and we comment: “color de piano,” (black as a piano), or “Ese negro tan feo,” (that ugly black). We still have no use for decaffeinated coffee, but we certainly haven’t yet qualified as a delicious, richer and smoother blend for a taster’s choice."

— Elena Poniatowska on shadeism within the Mexican@ and Chican@ community in her essay Mexicanas and Chicanas.