In case you missed it, a few days back the Los Angeles Times joined the Associated Press in officially dropping the phrase “illegal immigrant” from any and all coverage. The L.A. Times is taking it a step further by also banning “undocumented immigrant”, since they feel it’s not factually accurate in all situations. This Atlantic Wire piece explains the Los Angeles Timesreasoning:

'Illegal immigrants' is overly broad and does not accurately apply in every situation. The alternative suggested by the 1995 guidelines, 'undocumented immigrants,' similarly falls short of our goal of precision. It is also untrue in many cases, as with immigrants who possess passports or other documentation but lack valid visas.

I gotta say. That makes a ton of sense. I applaud you, L.A. Times.
Now, if only the The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal could take a hint and quit using that racial slur. Oh, New York Times, I am looking at you too. You “discouraging" the use doesn’t quite count.